Healthcare Rx Podcast - Episode 6

March 2019

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Episode 6: Preparing for the Future of Elder Care

Seniors—the fastest-growing U.S. age demographic—are poised to make up more than 20 percent of the U.S. population by 2029. And they’re moving to the driver’s seat of care. Now, they’re demanding elder care more rooted in empathy and designed on their own terms—and in their preferred environment. With these shifts, new types of entities—including those building alternative types of senior care communities—will form, and health organizations will need to create and fill new types of roles.

In this episode of BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast, Welltower CEO Tom DeRosa, sits down with Patrick Pilch, managing director and national leader of The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation, to discuss the role senior housing—and the community it can provide—plays in elder care’s future.

Tune in for a range of insights, including:
  • The housing and real estate component of providing empathy-based elder care
  • The challenges facing the U.S. healthcare delivery system, as a result of increased lifespans
  • The importance of managing social determinants of health for at-risk senior populations