Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast - Episode 8

May 2019

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Episode 8: Unleashing Nurse-Led Innovation

As the largest group of clinicians in the healthcare workforce—and the frontline caregivers to patients—who better to lead the charge toward consumer-centric industry innovation than nurses?

Nurses, with the numbers and the skills to deliver meaningful value that betters patient outcomes, are already driving healthcare innovation. But their power in care innovation has not yet been unleashed, according to Unleashing Nurse-Led Innovation. The study found that:

  • Though both provider leaders and business innovators value the innovation and care skills nurses bring at the individual level—placing excellent clinical acumen skills and the interface of clinical innovation and technology in the top 4 most valuable skills for nurse innovators by 2025—neither group is prioritizing their skills at the leadership level.
  • Just 31% of provider leaders say they have a designated nursing leader whose primary responsibility is innovation, and just 46% of business innovators say their C-suite includes someone with a nursing background.
To fully unleash nurses’ power in care innovation, both industry stakeholders—and nurses themselves—must recognize and assert their role as leading innovators in healthcare. In this episode of BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast, Gina Tapper, MBA, MSN, BSN, clinical fellow and director in The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation, and Karen Meador, MD, MBA, senior physician executive and managing director in The Center, discuss the future of nursing innovation—and how to fully unleash it—with leaders from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, the American Nurses Association and Becton Dickinson.
Tune in for insights on:
  • The leadership, design thinking and clinical acumen skills nurses bring to the table—and their role in driving effective innovation
  • How investor communities, startups and entrepreneurs can remove current barriers to nursing innovation and unleash greater collaboration opportunities across the health ecosystem
  • Why now is the perfect time to unleash nursing innovation and prepare the next generation of nursing innovators