BDO International Limited Q4 2016 Global Mid-Market M&A Horizons Report

October 2016

BDO is thrilled to present the fourth edition of BDO Horizons in 2016. As we gather in Copenhagen for the annual BDO Corporate Finance conference in November, we ask our hosts to explain what makes this small part of the world so big in business. The result is our featured article: Scandinavia.

As we move into the last quarter of 2016, it is the perfect time to look ahead by first looking back. Is it still possible that 2016 M&A levels could yet surpass 2015 (the most active year since the financial crisis)?

Events in the last months have affected certain regions, for example Britain has voted to leave the European Union, Brazil has staged the Olympic Games in Rio and in the US the election preparations are taking place. What's the impact on the M&A market of these events?

We focus on our customary selected sectors across 17 global regions, giving you a comprehensive, international overview of the M&A mid-market. We hope that BDO Horizons will provide some of the context necessary to understand the current M&A market and to help you make valuable decisions in what is a complex environment.