BDO International Limited Q2 2016 Global Mid-Market M&A Horizons Report

August 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of BDO HORIZONS, addressing the quarter’s most important mid-market M&A developments and examining at what lies ahead.

The time has come again to look at what is on the horizon, and BDO HORIZONS – the quarterly report from BDO on mid-market M&A activity around the world – is here to help. We offer views on deal activity around the world, with a special focus on selected sectors, to bring you a complete picture of how the market is evolving and where it is heading. This edition of HORIZONS covers the first quarter of the year, enabling you to get a glimpse on a region-by-region basis on how 2016 has started how 2016 has started. We take a look at our predictions from the previous quarter and see if they hold up, and provide at-a-glance summaries that can help you easily make regional comparisons. There is also expert commentary on recent trends, predictions for the coming quarter, and forecasts for regional sector activity through our BDO Heat Chart, which collates current, planned and rumoured deals.

To get a deeper understanding of what is really going on now and what may happen in the future, we focus on two distinct, but connected perspectives. While the first divides the M&A mid-market into 17 regions, the second looks at superregional activity based on sectors classified into Energy, Mining & Utilities, Leisure, Industrials & Chemicals, Consumer, TMT, Business Services, Financial Services and Pharma, Pharma, Medical & Biotech.