BDO International Limited Q1 2016 Global Mid-Market M&A Horizons Report

February 2016

After another fast-paced year of M&A, BDO HORIZONS celebrates its second anniversary. Many thanks to our readers from all over the world for their positive response.

As we move into 2016, it's the perfect time to look back in detail. Analysing global mid-market deal activity in 17 major regions and selected sectors around the world, we examine the factors that have slowed mid-market M&A activity down to pre-2014 levels. This edition includes expert commentary on recent trends and forecasts for the coming year. In order to gain a more precise understanding of where the M&A market is heading, we publish our BDO Heat Chart, which forecasts the most active sectors and regions around the world.

Utilities sector, and we believe that dealmaking momentum will continue, driven by the competitive business environment.

As for where the market as a whole is heading, there are generally two views. One is that we are in the second year of a mid-market M&A bull market and it has to end soon. The other view is that we are in a period of slow gradual recovery that is part of a longer cycle that can support high levels of M&A activity for several more years.