​Power Plays: U.S. Oil & Gas Leads the Global Mid-Market

March 2019

Powerplay-x675.jpgDigital Transformation Initiatives Could Create New M&A Wave, Revamp Drilling Risk

Quality over quantity is the message the mid-market U.S. energy sector sent through its 2018 deal activity. Though the number of deals was less than in 2017, they packed a stronger punch.  The volume of mid-market deal activity, meanwhile, was largely concentrated in the first half of the year, but the fourth quarter saw the most value.  

Looking to the upcoming year and beyond, the industry’s new pricing paradigm—the result of a fundamental shift in supply and demand dynamics— plus the rapid growth of renewables and accelerating technology advancements will continue to reshape the industry. These factors will make digital transformation a priority—and even a potential driver of future M&A...