BDO United States

BDO United States

Position Company To Increase Strategic Alternatives

Middle market companies are sold for a wide range of reasons including: succession planning, retirement, a desire to create family wealth-liquidity and other personal circumstances. BDO Capital approaches each engagement as a highly customized process with every assignment beginning with a clear understanding of the client's personal objectives. Once defined, our investment banking team focuses on understanding the subject company's business model, growth characteristics and where the company fits in its industry. Through this preliminary diligence process we can identify, analyze and explain in both verbal and written form the company's unique value proposition to potential buyers.

Each corporate sales assignment involves the preparation of a confidential information memorandum, creation of a detailed listing of potential buyers, confidential distribution of information to qualified acquirers, creation and coordinated delivery of management presentations and the negotiations and closing of the transaction.

Almost all of BDO Capital's corporate sale engagements garner access to its proprietary domestic and exclusive international sales distribution channel. With domestic offices and approximately 1,200 corporate finance professionals in more than 60 countries housed at BDO International Corporate Finance, clients gain domestic and international exposure normally seen only at large "bulge bracket" investment banks.

Fees paid for BDO Capital's M&A services normally include a monthly retainer and success fee. Importantly, the vast majority of fees are paid upon and conditional to the successful outcome of a transaction insuring proper alignment of interests.